Global Health Watch 1

Commendations for GHW 1

‘A very good reference for people working in areas affecting the health of populations. It deals with some of the most important issues in today's world. I highly recommend it.'
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Health Services

‘Combines academic analysis with a call to mobilize the health professional community to press for improvements in global health and justice. I hope it will be read by many health professionals in rich and poor countries alike.'

Dean, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

A Health Systems Development Agenda for Developing Countries: Time to be clear and visionary

A discussion document for civil society and NGOs Produced by the Global Health Watch 1

Health care systems in many low-income countries are in a state of collapse. Many others remain incapable of providing effective and equitable essential health care. In spite of the importance of adequately resourced and effectively governed, managed and organised health care systems, there is no coherent and long-term health systems development agenda amongst the international health community. Instead, uncoordinated, piecemeal and increasingly ‘vertical and selective’ interventions are being applied in the absence of a road map for the strengthening and long-term development of health care systems.

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Making WHO Work Better: An Advocacy Agenda for Civil Society

WHOA discussion document Produced by the Global Health Watch

Every year at the World Health Assembly, civil society and non-government organisations gather to promote various health agendas by lobbying governments, WHO officials and other stakeholders. These agendas cover a range of topics and issues: particular diseases or illnesses; access to treatment; pharmaceutical research and development; the health of children and other neglected population groups; and many others.

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