Global Health Watch 3 - Call for Case Studies and Testimonies

Examining the World’s Health from an Alternative Perspective

The Global Health Watch provides a platform for activists to share experiences and inform each other with practical examples and theoretical analyses to strengthen local, national, regional and global campaigns towards Health for All!

How you can voice your views?

The Global Health Watch is putting out a call for the submission of country or region specific case studies and testimonies. These case studies and testimonies will form part of the electronic platform of the alternative world health and selected case studies shall also be incorporated into the final document of Global Health Watch 3 – scheduled for publication in 2011. 

Get involved now!

Some suggestions

  • Positive and negative examples of policies and actions to secure improved and equitable access to health care.
  • Examples of interventions to address public sector corruption and inefficiency.
  • Examples of effective, efficient and inclusive public health care systems.
  • Evidence showing the negative effects of commercialised health care on professional ethics.
  • Case studies on what is driving good and bad processes of decentralisation, with some analysis illustrative case studies of where deconcentration, devolution and delegation have worked, where it hasn’t worked and why.
  • The good and bad practices bilateral and multi-lateral donors on public health stewardship and on the performance of health care systems.
  • Examples of civil society resistance to the effect of privatised public water and electricity utilities on equitable and fair access.
  • Case studies of the positive and negative impact of multi-national corporations on health policy.
  • Case studies of the difficulty that country governments have in responding to the needs and demands of multiple international agencies (creditors such as the World Bank, traditional bilateral donors, relatively new institutions such as GAVI and the Global Fund).
 All case studies, pictures and videos will be published on the website of PHM Global with pictures.


We are looking for short and concise submissions of 1000 -2000 words with pictures. Please indicate:

  • your organisation
  • your locality/country/region
  • whether you want your submission to be anonymous and why
  • ensure a clear link of your case study with one of the subjects covered by the course or issue mentioned above.
  • pictures or videos

Looking forward reading your stories, experiences, analysis and observations!!

We should receive the first draft by 30th August, 2010. Please write back to asengupta[at]

We still welcome contributions as case studies. While they may not be part of the published book, all appropriate case studies will be uploaded to the website

Why should you get involved?

The Global Health Watch is a non-government initiative aimed at supporting civil society to more effectively campaign and lobby for ‘health for all’ and equitable access to health care. This is not a matter of finding a technical or economic prescription, but is one that requires political mobilisation to shift resources and attention towards the needs of the poor, and to reform the very political and social institutions that have generated the state of ill health today.

  • Promote the accountability of governments and global institutions that affect health (such as the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and the World Bank).
  • Identify policies and practices at the global and national levels that are unfair, unjust and bad for health.
  • Highlight the needs of the poor and reinvigorate the principle of ‘health for all’.
  • Shift the health policy agenda to recognize the political, social and economic barriers to better health and to advocate alternatives to market-driven approaches to health and health care.