WHO Watch at 136th Executive Board Meeting


What is WHO Watch?

See the video from Geneva with Alice Fabbri (PHM's watcher) who explains why PHM watches the WHO. The film maker is Sebastien Saugues.

PHM follows closely the work of WHO, both through the World Health Assembly amd the Exacutive Board. A team of PHM volunteers is attending the current 136th EB meeting (both the Special Session on Ebola and the regular session), following the debate, talking with delegates and making statements to the EB.

The PHM's detailed commentary covers most of the agenda items of the EB 136 and includes a note on the key issues in focus at the EB, a brief background and critical commentary. All EB documents and PHM's comments can be downloaded from this site on the EB 136 page here.

PHM is part of a wider network of organizations committed to democratizing global health governance and working through the WHO-Watch project.