A trojan horse of the private sectors interests at the World Health Organisation

Today, PHM and MMI denounced the failure of the Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA) currently under discussion at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide a robust framework against undue influence of the corporate sector and its philantropies. "Until and unless this is addressed, WHO stands at risk of private sector capture and further loss of its integrity, independence, and credibility", the statement warned (see full statement here)

Civil society warns of corporate takeover of the World Health Organisation

Yesterday, over 50 civil society organizations, inclduing PHM, published an open letter to the members of the World Health Organisation to express their lack of confidence in the process. Under its current form, FENSA will make WHO even more vulnerable to undue influences by the corporate and venture philantropic sector and threatens the organisations' ability to fulfill its constitutional mandate. The open letter can be read here.

PHM and UAEM activists are at the EB 138 as part of PHM's WHO watch initiative. You can follow the watching here.