PHM: Need for an ambitious Global Vaccine Action Plan

At the 68th World Health Assembly, Member States committed themselves to strive for a global vaccine program that is both inclusive and universal. The resolution aimed to overcome the barriers affecting vaccine access, and ensure affordability in places with low resources. In order to be more effective, the necessity of reporting on these obstacles was emphasized. 

The document EB138/32, reporting about the Global Vaccine Action Plan, misses the requests of the previous resolutions. In a statement made on January 28, 2016, People's Health Movement and Medicus Mundi International believes addressing these lacking points are important, and that data regarding the introduction of new vaccines should be required. The introduction of new vaccines should be determined by countries on the basis of burden of disease, public health capacity, local manufacturing capacity and affordability.

PHM and UAEM activists are at the EB 138 as part of PHM's WHO watch initiative. You can follow the watching here.