Download Individual Chapters of GHW-3

Global Health Watch 3 was launched on 19 October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  View the power point presentation, providing an overview of the contents of GHW-3, here.


Section I: The Global Political and Economic Architecture

A.1. Economic Crisis and Systemic Failure: Why we need to rethink the global economy
Section II: Health Systems – Current Issues and Debates
B.1. Primary Health Care: A Review and Critical Appraisal of its Revitalization
B.2. Financing Health Care: Aiming for long-term solutions
B.3. Health Financing Models that Make Health systems work: Case Studies from Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Thailand
B4. Dysfunctional Health Systems: Case Studies from China, India, US
B5. Achieving a shared goal: Free Universal Health Care in Ghana
B6. Maternal Mortality: Need for a broad framework of intervention
B7. Research for Health
B8. Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: In Search of A Global Health Ethos
B9. Mental Health and Equality
Section III: Beyond Health Care
C1. The Global Food Crisis
C2. Conflict, Information and Right to Health
C3. Trade and Health
C4. The Future is Now: Genetic Promises and Speculative Finance
C5. Climate Crisis
C6. Challenging the Population Climate Connection
Section IV: Watching
D1. WHO: Captive to Conflicting Interests
D2. UNICEF and the Medicalisation of Malnutrition in Children
D3. Conflict of Interest Within Philanthrocapitalism
D4. The Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmaceutical Endeavour
D5. Health and Global Security: Reasons for Concern
D6.. International Health Partnerships+: Glas Half Full or Half Empty
D7.. New Reproductive Technologies
Section V: Resistance, Actions, and Change
E1. The Movement for Change
E2.. The Right to Health: From Concept to Action
E3. Cuba’s International Co-operation in Health