GHW Secretariat moved from Cape Town to Delhi: Amit Sengupta is the GHW3 Co-ordinator

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) was asked and challenged to host the secretariat of the Global Health Watch 3 (GHW3) after MedAct, as host for GHW1, and Global Equity Gauge alliance (GEGA) for the GHW2. Representing the PHM, Amit Sengupta (PHM-India) accepted to tackle the coordination of the GHW3 from Delhi.

Launching the GHW2 in different countries

Global Health Watch 2 was launched in more than 20 countries:

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It is hoped that the Watch will be used as a catalyst for the development and strengthening of existing campaigns around the world to improve health and equity. Health Workers can make a difference In both developed and developing countries, health professionals are in a unique position to push for change.