Temperature rose at World Health Assembly over Palestine discussion

The 71st World Health Assembly (WHA), being held in Geneva from 21-26 May, had a discussion on the Director General's report on health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory and the occupied Syrian Golan, and a draft decision brought forward by 28 countries, asking the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Secretariat to continue with health-related technical support in Palestine. The report is the result of field observation and cooperation between WHO and Palestinian health authorities, aimed at strengthening the health system in Palestine.


Download Individual Chapters of GHW-3

Global Health Watch 3 was launched on 19 October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  View the power point presentation, providing an overview of the contents of GHW-3, here.


Section I: The Global Political and Economic Architecture

A.1. Economic Crisis and Systemic Failure: Why we need to rethink the global economy

Fidel Castro on cholera epidemic in Haiti

Fidel Castro comments on the Cholera Epidemic and the politics of UN Mission in Haiti. 


MINUSTAH and the Epidemic: Cholera in Haiti

About three weeks ago news and photos were published showing Haitian citizens throwing stones and protesting in indignation against the forces of MINUSTAH, accusing it of having transmitted cholera to that country by way of a Nepalese soldier.

Haiti cholera outbreak response 'inadequate', says MSF

It called for swift action to build latrines, provide safe water supplies, remove bodies and reassure frightened people that the disease is treatable.
The UN has called for an end to the riots which have followed the outbreak.
Edmond Mulet, the head of the UN mission in Haiti, said violent protests by people who blame peacekeepers for the spread of the disease were wasting time and costing lives.