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Daily Report June 1

June 1

Follow the WHA70 watching by PHM

The WHO Watch Team is watching the 70th World Health assembly of the World Health Organisation. The Watching team consists of Linda Markova, Godfrey Philimon, Lauren Paremoer, Simrin Kafle, Sulakshana Nandi, Aletha Wallace, Megan Arthur, Renee De Jong, Paul Nedermeijer, Alexandre Gajardo and Gargeya Telakapalli. 

Follow the discussions at WHA70 through detailed item wise comment by PHM on each agenda item of the WHA here.

PHM Ghana Watches 66 AFRO meeting

On 16 and 17 August 2016, PHM-Ghana organised a Watching Workshop with the aim to develop a position paper on key issues on the 66th AFRO meeting agenda. Representatives of 14 organisations met for two days at the Guest House of the University for Development Studies in Accra, Ghana and developed a joint Position Paper covering key agenda issues. The Position Paper can be found here.