WHA-72 WHO Watch

The People's Health Movement's WHO Watch team will be watching theWHA72 meeting. Click "Read more" for articles, MMI statements to the World Health Assembly and further analysis.

The Watching team consists of Alane Ribeiro, Ana Vracar, Ben Eder, Gargeya Telakapalli, Sun Kim, Stuti Pant, Lucy Singh, Maira mathias, Sophie Gepp, Susana Barria and Andrew Harmer. The team will be supported by the guidance of PHMers David Legge and  Lauren Paremoer. 

The provisional agenda is at A72/1. See also the official documents page. Several of the official documents were published several quite late.

See the WHO Tracker for links to relevant documents and previous discussions and resolutions and for PHM's Item Commentaries. Explore the Items Search and Resolutions Search functions.

An integrated PHM commentary (as of 21 May) can be downloaded here. Feedback to edit[at]phmovement.org will be most welcome.

Links to MMI/PHM's Item Statements and Policy Brief will be inserted below.

Policy Brief


11.5 Primary Healthcare towards Universal Health Coverage (under MMI); also video;

11.5 PHC towards UHC: Community health workers (under PSI); also video;

11.6 Health, environment and climate change; also video

11.7 Access to Medicines and Vaccines; also video;

11.8 Follow-up to the high level meetings of the UNGA on health related issues-

- Antimicrobial Resistance; also video;

- Prevention and Control of NCDs; also video;

- Ending Tuberculosis; also video;

12.1 Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework; also video;

12.2 Member State mechanism on Substandrad and Falsified medical products

12.4 Promoting the health of refugees and migrants

12.5 Patient safety

- Global action on patient safety

- Water, sanitation and hygiene in healthcare facilities

12.8 Global Strategy for Women's, Chidren's and Adolscent's Health (2016-2030)

12.10 Public Health implications of Nagoya Protocol 


11.5 PHC towards UHC.pdf62.65 KB
11.7 Access to Medicines.pdf40.51 KB
11.8 Anti-Microbial Resistance .pdf45.42 KB
11.8 NCDs.pdf47.58 KB
11.8 Tuberculosis.pdf30.93 KB
12.5 Patient Safety.pdf39.53 KB
12.5 WASH.pdf39.44 KB
12.8 Global startegy for women, children and adolscent health.pdf50.02 KB
12.10 Nagoya.pdf40.8 KB
11.6 Health environment and climate change.pdf56 KB
12.1 PIP.pdf35.17 KB
12.2 substandrad and falsified medical products.pdf39.05 KB
12.4 Refugees and Migrants.pdf65.87 KB