Consultation on WHO relations with Non-State Actors. 17-18 October, 2013

Informal consultation on WHO’s engagement with non-state actors,
Meeting in Geneva, 17-18 October 2013
·         Agenda: NonStateActor_agenda.pdf
·         Background information: NonStateActor_background.pdf
·         Discussion paper: NonStateActor_discussion_paper.pdf
·         Website:
Reform process at the 66th World Health Assembly, 20-28 May 2013,
and the 133rd session of the WHO Executive Board, 29-30 May 2013
·         WHO Governance. Report by the secretariat, Document EB133/16
·         66nd WHA, Second meeting of Committee A
·         66nd WHA, Third meeting of Committee A
·         WHO EB 133, Second meeting
·         WHO EB 133, Third meeting
Reform process at the World Health Assembly 2013 / EB meeting
Civil society statements, comments, resources
Comments on WHO’s engagement with non-State actors received during public web consultation, March 2013, including:
Useful cases 
MMI's WHO Reform page
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