DC53, 29 Sept - 3 Oct 2014
EC154, June 2014


EC152, April 2013
EC153, June 2013
PAHO65 & DC52, 30 Sept - 4 Oct 2013


EC150, June 2012
PAHO64 & PASC28, Sept 2012
EC151, Sept 2012


EC148, June 2011
PAH)63 & DC51, Sept 2011
EC149, Sept 2011

About PAHO

See the Governing bodies page for overview of PAHO governance.

Pan American Sanitary Conference

The Conference is the supreme governing authority of the Organization and meets every five years to determine its general policies. It last met from 17-21 September 2012.  Next meeting 2017. 

Directing Council / PAHO

The Council meets once a year in those years when the Conference does not meet. It acts on behalf of the Conference between sessions of the Conference. It meets conjointly with the Regional Committee for the Americas of the WHO (PAHO).

The DC and PAHO met last in 2011.  See Documentation index page for 51st Directing Council and 63rd Session of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas: 26-30 September 2011.

DC and PAHO meet again from 30 Sept to 4 October, 2013.  See documentation page.

Executive Committee of PAHO

The Executive Committee is composed of nine Member States of the Organization, elected by the Conference or the Council for overlapping periods of three years. The Committee meets twice a year. Last meeting 17-21 June 2013 (documentation).