Now Available: Notes of discussions at EB137, produced by the volunteers of WHO Watch, available for download here. It may help in making sense of these notes to also refer to the commentaries linked below.  

The emerging item commentaries are linked from the 'PHM Comment' link against the specific agenda items listed below. These commentaries are created in Google Docs. 


Official EB137 Page


1. Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Rapporteur

2. Opening of the session and adoption of the agenda  (PHM notes)

3. Outcome of the Sixty-eighth World Health Assembly  (PHM notes)

4. Report of the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of the Executive Board Document (EB137/2,  PHM notes)

5. Financing dialogue (PHM comment)

6. Technical and health matters

6.1 Newborn health: draft accountability framework (PHM comment)

6.2 Mycetoma (PHM comment)

7. WHO guidelines: development and governance (PHM comment)

8. Management and financial matters

8.1 Strategic budget space allocation (PHM comment)

8.2 Evaluation: annual report (PHM comment)

8.3 Committees of the Executive Board: filling of vacancies (PHM notes)

9. Staffing matters

9.1 Statement by the representative of the WHO staff associations (PHM notes) 

9.2 Deleted

10. Matters for information: report on meetings of expert committees and study groups Document EB137/9

11. Future sessions of the Executive Board and the Health Assembly, and draft provisional agenda of the 138th session of the Executive Board (EB137/10)

12. Closure of the session 





A footnote on the provisional agenda for EB136 referred to Decision EB133(1) ‘Deletion of agenda item’ from May 2013:

The Executive Board decided:

(1) to delete item 6.3 from its provisional agenda;

(2) to request the Director-General to hold informal consultations with Member States from all regions with a view to reaching consensus on the title and content of that item;

(3) to include an item in the draft provisional agenda of the Executive Board at its 134th session, with no title and a footnote referring to the present decision, on the understanding that the final title and content of the item will reflect the outcome of the informal consultations by the Director-General.

(Second meeting, 29 May 2013)

See PHM report of the discussion of the LGBT item at EB133. There may be some report from the DG at EB137 about how her ‘informal consultations’ have proceeded.  

See also the PHM commentary on LGBT issue health issues, prepared for the discussion at EB133, before it was expunged.


DG was authorised to set up expert group to report on the risks of biosynthesis of smallpox from synthesis data (see discussion at WHA67). Not currently on the EB137 agenda.

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