Program Budget and Administration Committee 15, 12-13 January, 2012

1. Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda (Document EBPBAC15/1)
2. Matters for information or action by the Committee
2.1 General management: update (Document EBPBAC15/2)

Key issues covered in this report: 

  • budgetary situation
  • currency risks
  • financial control: personal advances to staff (not yet recovered)
  • Global Management System
2.2 Report of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (Document EBPBAC15/3)

Key issues covered: 

  • role of the Office (internal audit)
  • staffing and budget
  • audits and evaluations 
2.3 Report of the Independent Expert Oversight Advisory Committee (Document EBPBAC15/4)
Key issues:
  • recent and foreshadowed meetings
  • salary advances
  • financial controls architecture
  • WHO Reform: considerations of audit options
  • currency risk and hedging
  • staff health insurance
  • enterprise risk management
  • relations with external auditor
  • Internal Oversight Services
  • follow up of previous recommendations
  • terms of reference
  • partnerships 
2.4 Reports of the Joint Inspection Unit (Document EBPBAC15/5)
This is a report from the Secretariat to the PBAC. It provides a review of recent JIU recommendations of relevance to WHO. These included:
  • organisational environmental policies and practices
  • travel policies
  • ethics in UN system
  • enterprise risk management
  • audit function
  • International Public Sector Accounting Standards
  • administration of trust funds
  • staff mobility and work life balance
  • Global Compact
  • UN medical service
  • South South and triangular cooperation in UN system
3. Matters for review by, and/or recommendation to, the Executive Board
3.1 Amendments to the Financial Regulations and Financial Rules [if any]
3.2 Human resources: annual report (Documents EB130/26 and EB130/26 Add.1)
3.3 Report of the International Civil Service Commission (Document EB130/27)
3.4 Amendments to Staff Rules and Staff Regulations (Document EB130/28)
3.5 Membership of the Independent Expert Oversight Advisory Committee (Document EB130/30)
4. Adoption of report and closure of meeting