WP RC65 (2014)

65th Session of the Western Pacific Regional Committee

The sixty-fifth session of the World Health Organization Regional Committee for the Western Pacific will be held from 13 to 17 October 2014 in Manila, Philippines. See WPR65 Official Page. See Session Info. Daily Journals.

See PHM Comment on Main Agenda Items

Draft Provisional Agenda

Opening of the session and adoption of the agenda

1. Opening of the session
2. Address by the retiring Chairperson
3. Election of new officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Rapporteurs
4. Address by the incoming Chairperson
5. Adoption of the agenda

Keynote address

6. Address by the Director-General

Review of the work of WHO

7. Address by and Report of the Regional Director. WPR/RC65/2.
8. Programme budget 2012–2013: budget performance (final report). WPR/RC65/3. PHM comment.

Policies, programmes and directions for the future

9. Proposed draft programme budget 2016-2017. WPR/RC65/4. PHM comment
10. Mental health. WPR/RC65/5 and WPR/RC65/5 Corr. 1. PHM comment
11. Tobacco free initiative: Regional Action Plan 2015–2019. WPR/RC65/6. PHM comment
12. Antimicrobial resistance. WPR/RC65/7. PHM comment. MMI/PHM Statement
13. Expanded Programme on Immunization. See WPR/RC65/8 and WPR/RC65/8 Corr.1. PHM comment
14. Emergencies and disasters. WPR/RC65/9 and WPR/RC65/9 Corr.1. PHM comment

15. Progress reports on technical programmes (WPR/RC65/10 and WPR/RC65/10 Corr.1)

15.1 Malaria.
15.2 TB: Preparation for regional operationalization of the Global TB Strategy after 2015. PHM comment
15.3 Dengue.
15.4 Noncommunicable diseases. PHM comment
15.5 Environmental health: Regional Forum on Environmental Health.
15.6 Violence and injury prevention.
15.7 Nutrition: Double burden of malnutrition. PHM comment
15.8 Universal Health Coverage. PHM comment
15.9 Millennium Development Goals.
15.10 International Health Regulations (2005).
15.11 Food Safety: Implementing the Western Pacific Regional Food Safety Strategy (2011–2015).

Coordination across governing bodies

16. Coordination of the work of the World Health Assembly, the Executive Board and the Regional Committee. WPR/RC65/11. PHM comment
16A. Strategic budget space allocation. See PHM comment
16B. Framework of engagement with non-State actors. See PHM comment

Membership of Global Committees

17. Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction: Membership of the Policy and Coordination Committee. WPR/RC65/12
18. Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases: Membership of the Joint Coordinating Board.  WPR/RC65/13

Other matters

19. Time and place of the sixty-sixth and sixty-seventh sessions of the Regional Committee
20. Closure of the session

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